Bunny is Back!

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Bunny is back! Here are two favorite prints from the history of Bunny. She’s a thoughtful little Creature! Many of my friends and family adore my creation Bunny. It’s great to see the love via thumbs up and smiley faces. Artists, however, need more than virtual support.

Consider supporting your local artist by buying a print of their work to give to a friend, surprise a loved one or give an inspirational gift to yourself. Prints are more affordable than an original painting, and they can be changed often to match your mood, season and more.

Here’s a link to my print shop. High quality giclée prints are created and drop shipped directly to you.

To select a bunny print, click here.

A bunny in a purple and blue tutu holds a tarot card in one hand, and a magic heart in the other. The look of shock on her face is palpable. Around her are a series of nesting dolls, small to large, that capture all parts of her personality: the cute little bunny, the darker side exoskeleton bunny, an imagination beyond all the stars in the universe, the inner yogi bunny, and last but not least, the made in Italy bunny.

Who is this manic pixie dream bunny? She’s a super hero bunny, and she does not know her own strength!

Here is a painting that has been recently retitled To the Bunny Cave. Is this Self Help or Self Sabotage? A bunny sits in her closet office. On one side hangs her practical, ever day outfit, with boots, shovel, water thermos and sunhat. On the other side hangs her purple & blue tutu with wings and magic heart wand. On her desk is a very different screen based on a golden spiral. This is a logarithmic spiral whose growth factor is φ, the golden ratio. A golden spiral gets wider (or further from its origin) by a factor of φ for every quarter turn it makes.

Why is there a chicken looking back at the bunny?

On the shelves of this peculiar office are various books: WWOOFING in Latin America, Spanish Dictionary for Bunnies, Bryan’s A Biographical and Critical Dictionary of Painters and Engravers (4 volumes A-Z), The Joy of Cooking for Bunnies, The Birds and Bees for Bunnies (in Spanish), and Subversion for Bunnies.

Bunny should get off her screen and relax! Good Thing that her can of peppermint tea from Harrod’s and electric kettle are close at hand. Maybe bunny will get off her yoga ball chair and actually do some yoga today???

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